In 2011, Bread SRSLY started delivering bread by bicycle in hilly San Francisco. We understand (and appreciate!) first hand the thrill of an active lifestyle, and we're proud to sponsor these incredible athletes.

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Natasha LaBeaud Anzures is proud to represent the country of Canada in her quest to the Olympics.  In addition to her running, Natasha is a cofounder of the non-profit organization 2nd Recess, which teaches kids ages 4-13 about healthy habits through running in San Diego.  Natasha’s running accolades include: 5-time National Team Member, #2 Canadian Marathoner 2014, Qualifier for the 2015 Canadian Pan American and World XC Teams for 2015, and is a Canadian National Record holder with the Chiba Ekiden relay team. Having been diagnosed with Celiac’s Disease in 2006, Natasha has been on the hunt for tasty sourdough bread made from natural ingredients.  With Bread SRSLY, Natasha can fuel right and enjoy her beloved sourdough once more!



Lauren Totten runs for ASICS Mammoth Track Club as a professional marathon runner. She has qualified for the 2016 Olympic Marathon Trials with a personal record of 2:34 and 1:12 for the half-marathon. When she's not running, she loves to spend time with family and friends, blogging, drinking coffee, and eating Bread SRSLY. Her favorite ways to eat Bread SRSLY are toasted with a little Kerrygold grass-fed butter or with some raw almond butter, or even topped with avocado. Read more about Lauren's food adventures at her blog.


Katie Matthews

Katie Matthews is a professional runner for the Boston Athletic Association High Performance team. After graduating as a multiple time All-American from Boston University, Katie wasn’t ready to leave the city she had fallen in love with, and was excited when an elite training group came to town. With a new coach and new teammates, Katie has taken to the US track and road racing circuits, qualifying for her second Olympic Trials along the way. Her personal bests are 32:23 for the 10k and 1:11 for the half-marathon. After finding out in 2010 about her gluten intolerance, Katie has been on the hunt for great tasting, healthy bread to fuel her many miles. Bread SRSLY was a perfect match! Follow Katie and her gluten free/runner/city-girl lifestyle on Instagram: @katiematthews_.

Katie's favorite way to enjoy Bread SRSLY is by whipping up this gluten free French toast casserole.


Kristen Zaitz

I'm an elite marathoner with a 2:32:48 personal best.  I'm training for the Olympic Marathon Trials with hopes of taking one of the coveted three spots. I've qualified now for the Olympic Marathon Trials three times but this is the first one where I actually have a legitimate shot. I know as I get older nutrition and recovery are so important (which is where SRSLY comes in)!

I love to cook and eat and have been primarily gluten free for awhile now.  I've reduced gluten because of the inflammation it was causing in my body.  The only reason I haven't cut it out completely is because gluten free bread just doesn't cut it!  However, after reading about your company, your breads, and reviews...yum, I want to try!  Sounds amazingly delicious!  Sounds like I could finally eliminate gluten for good, like I'm supposed to!

My website (where you can find my running resume) is:, my Twitter and Instagram handles are: @kfzruns. I'm always Tweeting about food, would love to Tweet about Bread SRSLY!



Matt Cusack Team SRSLY


Matty Cusack is a Cat 3 road racer, as well as a teacher, father, coach, and ex-chef (now just a personal chef to family and friends). Living in Spokane, Washington, he has lots of opportunities to race his bike and get lost in long 100+ mile rides. When not working as a middle school special education teacher, he is often out racing his bike all over the Northwest with high ambitions of becoming a Cat 2 road racer this upcoming season. In 2016 he placed third as a Cat 3 at the Riverbend Criterium, Rocky Mountain Roubaix, and Ronde van Palouse. 

With riding so much, as well as lots of chasing around a toddler, he looks for healthy ways to replenish calories, and Bread SRSLY is the perfect solution given his and his family's dietary needs. When it comes to food allergies, Matt has more than most, which makes him extremely thankful for companies that are dedicated to providing allergen-free foods, like Bread SRSLY.

Follow along with his gluten-free cyclist life here.