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Are all of your products certified gluten-free?

Yes! And they're all made in a 100% dedicated gluten-free facility.

Are your products dairy-free? Soy-free? Egg-free? Potato-free? Sugar-free? Tree nut-free? Peanut-free? Tapioca-free? Chickpea-free?

Yes! In addition to being gluten-free, all of our products are dairy-free, soy-free, egg-free, potato-free, sugar-free, tree nut-free, peanut-free, tapioca-free, and chickpea-free! Plus, our Sourdough Sandwich Rolls are rice-free and gum-free.

Learn more about all of our allergy-friendly products, including nutrition facts, ingredients, and more.

How can I get some bread?

We ship our bread nationally here! We also sell product through many retailers and cafes along the West Coast. Find the store nearest you using our Store Locator.

Are you a shopper who wants to see Bread SRSLY carried at a store near you? Download and print our Product Request Form and drop it off at the Customer Service department of your local market.

Are you a grocery store, co-op, market, restaurant, or cafe who wants to carry or serve our bread? Send requests to (West coast stores only please).

I've placed my order. When will I receive my bread?

Orders placed by Sunday midnight PST will ship by WEDNESDAY via USPS Priority Mail. Orders placed after the Sunday deadline will ship the FOLLOWING week (by Wednesday of the next week). Once shipped, orders typically arrive between Thursday and Saturday.

* Please Note: We cannot be liable for the delay or inability of our product to be delivered in a timely fashion due to incorrect shipping information submitted at checkout. Any orders that need to be re-shipped due to incorrect shipping information or the inability to pick up and/or refrigerate the bread in a timely manner will incur a $10 reshipping fee.

How do I care for my loaf?

Our bread is preservative-free, so we recommend placing your bread - in its original packaging- in the refrigerator as soon as it's received. The bread will last over a week as long as it stays chilled. It will also last well on the counter for about 4 days (2 days if it has been shipped).

Can I freeze the bread?

The bread is best in the fridge, but if you'd like to freeze some, we recommend chilling for several days in the fridge, then slicing it up before you freeze it. Be sure to wrap the bread in plastic wrap or some other freezer safe material.

Any tips for slicing?

Once the bread has been refrigerated, it will be very easy to slice! Use a SHARP non-serrated knife (chef's knife or cleaver if you have one) to slice your bread as thinly as you'd like. The longer the loaf has chilled, the thinner you can slice it.

Is your facility gluten-free? Allergen-free?

Yes! Our products are made in a 100% dedicated gluten-free facility, and every ingredient that passes through our doors is certified GF. We implement Good Manufacturing Processes to minimize or eliminate chances for cross-contact with all of these allergens. Please email with any questions.

What is wild yeast?

Wild yeast is an amazing thing. It is a collection of several (or maybe hundreds?) of strains of yeast (the dusty-looking coating on apples and grapes is wild yeast, but it lives all over the place), along with local good bacteria. Bakers yeast is a single strain of yeast isolated from the wild yeast bunch, and selected for speed, flavor and consistency. Baker's yeast alone does not have the benefits of the wild yeast culture, which acts to break down the protein and sugar structure of grains, and unlocks their nutrients. I don't know all the technical details about why folks are more sensitive to single-strain yeasts, but I think it is because to make bread more quickly (i.e. cheaply) you need to use a pretty high quantity of yeast and often sugar, so you have too much yeast breaking down the sugar but never breaking down the grains. Learn more on the blog.

What's the deal with xanthan gum versus psyllium husk?

We started our company with our sourdough loaf recipe, and it put us on the map. But while we love our loaf, we began to hear that some people couldn't tolerate xanthan gum. We began to experiment with organic psyllium husk, and came up with our delicious sandwich rolls for folks looking to avoid gums. 

We'll be adding more gum-free products in the near future!

Does your rice contain arsenic?

We use organic white rice flour, which is rumored to have less arsenic than a brown rice flour. However, like xanthan gum, we know some people are looking to avoid rice all together. Our gum-free sandwich rolls are also rice-free, and will stay that way. Please note that they are made at the same time as our rice-containing loaves, so there will be some cross-contact. We are hoping to create more rice-free products in the coming year.

What type of salt is used in your products?

We use kosher salt in all of our products.

My loaf has a big air bubble. What's up?

We have an amazing team of people working to bake, pack and deliver only the best gluten-free products. However, sometimes a loaf gets through with a larger-than-normal air bubble hidden sneakily inside. While we've implemented tons of awesome improvements to minimize the bubbles, we are still working with a living sourdough culture with a mind of its own. 

If you get one of these lucky loaves, please reach out to We will always send your money back, and we encourage you to try making one of our recipes with the rest of your delicious, yet hard-to-slice loaf. 

The loaf seems under-baked. Why is that?

Our bread is extra moist to help it get its rise, and to extend its shelf-life. This results in a wetter crumb, which is safe and fully baked, but can be sticky when the bread is freshest. This is easily solved by refrigerating your bread. The whole loaf will firm up a bit, and the crumb will set perfectly after a few days. Once you toast your bread, that stickiness should turn into delicious melt-in-your-mouth sourdough toast!

I'm not satisfied with my order. What do I do?

While we are confident that our product is delicious, we know no bread is for everyone. Please please let us know if you are not satisfied for ANY reason. We value our customers above all else, and rely heavily on your feedback to guide our progress. Email, and we will make it right!

I'm extremely satisfied with my order! What do I do?

That is great! We'd love it if you shared our offerings with friends by giving out our website. Word of mouth has been the most effective tool we've ever used for getting the word out. Thank you so so much for your support. We're thrilled that you love the bread!

Does this bread adhere to the Celiac Support Association (CSA) standards?

You bet! We are CSA certified, which means our bread went through a verification testing process to confirm that it is free of wheat, barley, rye and common oats. CSA certification is only given to products who test below 5ppm for gluten - the most rigorous test around.

Are your products kosher?

Yes! Our products are Certified EarthKosher.

How do I pronounce your company's name?

"Bread Seriously" - because our sourdough loaves rise for more than 12 hours, making them SERIOUSLY good for you (and seriously delicious, to boot)!

What's next for Bread SRSLY?

We've been growing quickly, and have new stores coming down the pipeline all the time! Check our Store Locator for up-to-date info on where to get your bread.